What denies you from finding a job
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What denies you from finding a job

What are the common barriers to finding a job

Do you feel like you are struggling to find the job you want?

Sitting in dozens of job interviews and writing cover letters many times over can be exhausting when you are not seeing any positive results.

You may start to feel anxious about your value in the job market, and you may worry that your skills are not being seen for what they are worth.

If you feel you’re in this situation, here are some common barriers you may be hitting, and how to overcome them.

Your resume is not tailored to the role you are applying for

Are you tailoring your resume to the specific job description of the role you are applying for, or are you sending the exact same, standard stock resume to every employer? Companies can receive dozens, if not hundred of job applications for a role that is advertised. Hiring managers are looking for resume applications that not only stand out, but also reflect the skills, qualifications and experience that their job advertisement is looking for. Take the time to tailor your resume to increase your chances of being noticed by a potential employer.

Your not prepared enough for your job interview

Job interviews are often a make or break when it comes to securing a job. How you present yourself, answer the interview questions, and how you build rapport with the interviewees are crucial factors to get right the first time. Before any upcoming job interview, ensure that you are well prepared, thoroughly researching the company, and preparing your own responses and questions for the interviewers. The job interview can be a common barrier for many candidates trying to find a job and is a step that depends highly on preparation.

you are not sure

Trust plays an important role when it comes to determining if you are the right person for the job. Do you show up confidently, whether at a face-to-face job interview or on the phone with a hiring manager? Can you confidently talk about your skills and qualifications and how they fit into the job offer? A candidate’s confidence usually wanes after a few application rounds, so it’s important to make sure you’re in the right mood before applying for your next job.
You are not customizable

Digitization is playing a bigger role in many jobs today and some jobs have been changed by technology. A common obstacle that candidates may encounter when looking for a job is the inability to demonstrate that they can adapt to change. Companies rely more on candidates who can grow in their role and are open to constant learning of new skills. By demonstrating flexibility, through previous work experience or a passion for improving skills, it is important to let a potential employer know that you are ready to work in an evolving work environment.

While there may be common obstacles to finding a job, most of these obstacles can be overcome with the preparation and confidence required to find the right job for you.