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Find a job abroad

How to find work abroad

For many professionals, working abroad can be a personal career goal. In addition to the opportunity to experience a new culture, adding international work experience to your resume can have long-term benefits to your career by showing your depth of experience and your global perspective.

However, realizing the dream of working abroad requires careful planning. There is a lot to deal with: from meeting visa and work permit requirements to contacting foreign employers or recruiting agencies.
Choose a place to work abroad

There is no shortage of job opportunities in the world of work. So you are not sure which destination is the best choice for you. Many factors can help determine your decision.

On a practical level, language barriers can affect your choice of destination, especially if you only speak Japanese. It is worth considering how challenging the language barrier is before committing to an area.

If you want to broaden your work experience, it is worth focusing on the countries where your skills and qualifications can be used.
Visa requirements for working abroad

If you want to work abroad, you should know the relevant visa requirements and all the conditions that foreigners must meet to work in the country.

Be sure to arrange your visa and work permits well in advance of your scheduled departure date, as these documents may take some time.
Understanding the financial impact

Working abroad is very exciting, but don’t forget the financial realities. Some countries are cheaper than Japan, which makes it very profitable to work there.

Other countries have a high cost of living and living, and working overseas can cause you financial stress, especially if you get a job that doesn’t have the same level of responsibility or seniority as your position in Japan.

By doing some basic research before working abroad, you can get an idea of ​​what you might encounter in terms of cost of living and average salary abroad. Pay attention to basic costs such as rent, which can be very high in destinations frequented by expats.

If you don’t have a job before you leave Japan, it’s a smart move to save a decent amount of money so you can find a job in your destination country.

be ready for work

Looking at job opportunities in other countries will show you the jobs available for professionals in your chosen destination and highlight any gaps in your experience or skills that may be filled before you leave.

Be sure to pack hard copies of your resume, references and professional certifications, or scan these documents and store the files in the cloud so you can access them from anywhere in the world. Remember, even when you’re on the go, it pays to tailor cover letters to individual roles.
How to find work abroad

There are many ways to achieve your goal of working outside Japan and all options are worth exploring.

If you currently work for an international company, it may be worth applying for an overseas relocation or assignment. Or, if your organization plans to develop a global footprint, consider putting your name there to be part of a foreign team. The big advantage is that the company often arranges (and pays for) the necessary visas and work permits for you.

Another option is to sign up with a global recruiting agency. As a global company, Robert Half has more than 300 offices in the Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, North America and South America markets. This will help you connect with employers around the world and contacting a foreign recruiting specialist will give you a better idea of ​​the steps you need to take to find a job abroad.
Working abroad is an experience that allows you to grow both personally and professionally and is achievable. Make sure you leave plenty of time to plan your trip, do plenty of research, and keep an open mind.

After all, you are dealing with new companies, new cultures and new people. But it’s all part of the fun for those who choose to work overseas and will help you when you’re ready to pursue your career in your country as well.